3 Tips for Hiring Seasonal Employees

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There are two big challenges to hiring seasonal employees: finding qualified employees and finding them quickly enough.

The summer officially begins in late June, and most high schools and colleges don’t release students until May or June. That gives you a matter of weeks to recruit, interview, hire and train student employees for the summer season.

To overcome the challenge of locating qualified candidates for the summer, consider these tips:

Post your open seasonal positions on social media.

Most small businesses try to keep their social media centered on products or services: what’s new, what’s on sale, etc. Why not post your open positions?

Your future employees might be part of your social media audience, and if they aren’t, think about the purpose of social media: to share with one another. Someone who is part of your follower base might share/retweet/repost your job opening, making it visible to someone who is interested in a position.

After you’ve hired a seasonal staff, show them off on social media. Even with a temporary staff, a great workplace culture can be achieved. Make this more than “just another summer job” for your employees.

Highlight the opportunity for long-term growth.

Summer employment is great for students who need to get back to school during the remainder of the year. However, it doesn’t have to end after 3 months. In your job description, highlight the possibility for successful team members to come back in the following summers or during other school breaks.

Chick-fil-A is a great example. Many franchise owners prefer to hire high school or college-aged teens who can continue to work for two or three summers in a row. The impeccable service and “my pleasure” partings are the result of employees who have grown with the company.

Host an on-site job fair.

Make seasonal hiring an event… literally. Put up tents and interview people on the spot at your store or office. The great thing about open hiring events is that there’s no gap between receiving an application and scheduling an interview. Think of it like speed dating to find temporary talent.

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