Payment News: Coupons are Still Widely Popular

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Small retailers and restaurants are always searching for ways to improve the customer experience and entice customers to keep shopping. Last month on the blog, we talked about listening to your customers. But sometimes, the most valuable data comes from sheer numbers. Recently, Valassis Communications, a media company in North America, conducted a survey on coupon usage. The key takeaway? People love coupons!

The Best Target Markets for Coupons

A few target demographics stood out in this survey. Millennials are big fans of coupons in all forms, but they lead the way with paperless coupons and offers from loyalty programs. 94% of Millennials who were surveyed reported that they use coupons, a decent gain from the 88% measured last year.

Do Millennials use coupons

Hispanic shoppers also stood out in the survey findings. More Hispanics than any other consumer ethnicity group (91%) reported that they were willing to change the store in which they choose to shop due to a weekly special— even reporting that they might switch to a competitor store if a better offer were available.

How to Utilize Coupons in Your Loyalty Program

90% of people use coupons Tandem Payment

Overall, a whopping 90% of the 1,000 people surveyed stated that they use coupons. That’s impressive. It’s also persuasive: if you aren’t utilizing a rewards program, you’re missing out on an opportunity to:

  • attract new customers
  • keep loyal shoppers happy
  • prevent your customers from switching to your competitors

Moving towards Mobile Coupons

Don’t underestimate the power of mobile offers and discounts. Email coupons or offer them through an app or mCommerce/eCommerce website so you can capture the 32% of consumers who prefer smartphone and mobile discounts (which is a huge uptick compared to the 24% from last year’s data).

prefer digital coupons Tandem Payment

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