Pop-Up Shops: How Your Small Business Can Gain Attention on a Budget

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First off, what is a pop-up shop? It’s a form of “flash retail.” Whether it’s for 12 hours, a week, or one whole season, you might decide to host a temporary “shop.” Ideally, the pop-up exists during a period of high demand. Maybe a major sporting event is being hosted in your town, so there’s an influx of visitors. Or maybe it’s a seasonal holiday. Whatever the source of the demand, a pop-up shop takes advantage of it by setting up in a temporary space, such as:

  • inside of a store with a similar audience
  • a gallery
  • an event space
  • outdoors or on a street corner
  • a kiosk or booth inside a mall
  • pop-up marketplace (if your city offers one)

Pop-ups have become wildly popular in the past few years. Tandem’s hometown of Greenville, SC has a new relationship with SkillPop, a community that offers pop-up classes in creative topics, such as hand-lettering, watercoloring and basic photography.

Testing the Waters with a Pop-Up Shop

You might be asking: what’s the point, why not just invest in a real brick-and-mortar or an e-commerce shop?

The great thing about a pop-up shop is the fact that there isn’t a big financial commitment. It’s a way that a budding business can test a new product or service, explore a new market or simply build up attention.

It’s mutually beneficial.

When done right, a strategic partnership between two similar businesses — or even two businesses with a similar customer base — can be mutually beneficial. For example, an artisan might do a pop-up selling seasonal handmade soaps at a local coffee shop. This partnership could result in higher foot traffic and attention than if the coffee shop kept up business as usual.

A pop-up shop can improve brand visibility.

With access to the global market at our fingertips, it’s not always easy for fledging businesses to make a name for themselves. With a visible pop-up location, clear branding and something for shoppers to take home — a business card, SWAG or a coupon redeemable online — your shop can start to make an impression on a local market.

It’s less expensive than owning a traditional shop.

The pop-up only pays for the time they spend in a space, which makes this much more affordable than investing in a full-time space. It’s also convenient for bouncing around in different cities and testing different markets to see where your niche audience lives. This trial-and-error time allows small businesses to save up capital until they can afford a more permanent space.

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