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Clover for Retail

Updated: Jan 29

It’s time to talk about the wild and wonderful world of retail. Anyone who has worked in retail knows that there’s seldom a boring day, and it’s rare for things to go off without a hitch. With so many people and so many payments in a given day, there’s plenty of room for glitches, upset customers, and impossibly slow systems.

Now, there’s a new player on the market who’s working to change that. Meet Clover POS. This small-but-mighty POS system is one seriously powerful tool with regard to running your retail business smoothly and efficiently.

Clover’s most popular systems for retail are the Station and the Mini. The Station is perfect for high-volume retail stores who want to speed things up for the customer, while the Mini is great for smaller shops or salons. Let’s talk about their capabilities – you won’t believe such a sleek system can do so much!

Inventory: Manage and track inventory with ease. Create SKUs and helpful variants according to size and color; never miss out on a sale again with automatic low-stock alerts, and use a barcode scanner to instantly add or update items in your inventory.

Payments: Accept every kind of payment including credit, debit, gift cards, NFC, and mobile payments! Set up automatic tax rates; take offline payments when the WiFi goes down, so you never miss a beat; process returns at lightning speed, and display order totals.

Staff: Keep track of sales numbers and reward your top performers; control who can access sensitive data; and schedule team shifts according to busiest times and days.

CRM: Run targeted promotions, offers, and discounts via text, email, or at the bottom of receipts; create your very own customer rewards program that keeps people coming back; get quick, private feedback to improve your business, and offer digital or physical gift cards.

Integration: Supreme hardware capabilities allow you to seamlessly connect with other popular services like MailChimp and QuickBooks.

Access: Use Clover POS at any time, anywhere. Clover is available as an app for iOS or Android so you can track sales in real-time, even if you’re not at work.

Don’t you just love those rare days when a business operates flawlessly? With Clover, you’ll have more and more of those days. There’s a reason why it’s our most popular offering here at Tandem. Clover is a reliable one-stop-shop for numerous retailers across the country, bolstering productivity and significantly reducing headaches. If you don’t believe us, try it for yourself! Visit to begin a conversation.