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Creating Loyal Customers through Loyalty Card Programs

At Tandem, we’re always searching for creative ways to drive our merchants’ success while requiring little effort on your end. We know we’re doing our job right when we can boost your brand without sacrificing too much of your precious time and money. Now, if you know even a little bit about business, you know the value of a loyal customer. Not only do they provide a reliable stream of revenue, but they also hold potential for word- of-mouth marketing – a positively invaluable resource for your business. Studies show, again and again, that getting a product or service recommendation from a trusted friend is the most effective form of marketing.

Since today’s consumers have a multitude of possibilities when choosing a specific merchant, it’s important to do things that make your business stand out as a cut above the competition. One excellent way to do so is through loyalty card programs. A loyalty card program is an incentive plan that rewards customers for their business by offering product discounts, coupons, points toward merchandise, or some other reward. Loyalty cards are a fantastic way to keep customers coming back, and to show them how much you appreciate their business. They create loyal customers who are more likely to spend time and money at your establishment and are also more inclined to spread positive words to their friends and family.

Tandem’s loyalty card program is exceptionally easy to use, with seamless integration into existing systems. It requires no big behavior change from the merchant or customer; all you have to do is take down a customer’s email address. Tandem then connects this to the customer’s credit card automatically and makes sure that every transaction is linked. In essence, you and your customers can sit back, relax, and reap the benefits of your new loyalty card program. For them, that means fun rewards and incentives; for you, it means more attention, more repeat visits, and more positive word-of-mouth.

Over time, loyalty card programs such as Tandem’s enable you to develop a base of extremely loyal and passionate customers. As they spread the word to their peers, this base will continue to grow, and so on and so forth.

In addition to operating effortlessly, Tandem’s loyalty card program boasts low start-up costs and low monthly fees. With so little risk and such a high potential for rewards, our loyalty card program is suitable for merchants of any size who want to develop a loyal customer base. To learn more about loyalty card programs and other affordable ways to enhance your brand, contact our team today at