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World of Clover: A POS System That’s Just Right for Restaurant Management

Updated: Jan 29

The restaurant business is fast-paced and operates under constant time constraints. Just one small technical issue can throw off the entire operation. Restaurants have gone from the quite analog operations of yore to businesses that are almost completely driven by technology, whether it’s table management, sending orders to the kitchen, or managing shift employees with all sorts of hourly commitments. That’s why it’s incredibly important that restaurants choose point-of-sale technology that’s fast, reliable, and intuitive.

When we speak with our merchants out in the field, we always hear great things about Clover, and how it’s not just a terminal, but a virtual one-stop-shop for managing a small business. Clover is a terminal suited to the needs of businesses with lots of customers and employees, like restaurants and retail. Going far beyond payment processing, as many of our merchants say, it helps you run your business better.

The Clover POS system is cloud-based, meaning you can easily manage information from your own computer, anytime from anywhere. It includes the standard elements of a good POS system – cash register, payment terminal, receipt printer, and bar code scanner – as well as a range of apps outside of payment functionality.

Clover POS comes in three varieties: Clover Station, a countertop unit; Clover Mini, an extra-sleek countertop unit; and Clover Mobile, a mobile POS solution. All enable your business to accept not only credit, debit, and cash transactions, but also EMV, Apple Pay, and Android Pay. In the all-in-one Clover POS system, you can manage tips, tabs, authorizations, and refunds easily. You can even download programs from other developers and integrate them into your system, or sync with cloud computing and other tools, like a customer rewards program. The additional USB ports on Clover systems allow for hardware expansion, such as including a scale for pricing by weight.

Clover is sleek, sturdy, and highly user-friendly. It’s easy to train employees on. You can also manage employees with ease through third-party apps that integrate beautifully. Handle everything from clock-in/clock-out to time-off requests to shift changes. Additionally, Clover has the capability to manage inventory, reporting and accounting, and customer engagement.

You’ve long been waiting for a POS solution that makes business run smoothly 100 percent of the time. Now it’s finally here! Check out for more information on Clover and other merchant services offered at Tandem.