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Here are four useful things you probably didn’t know Clover could do.

Updated: Jan 29

Sleek and versatile, Clover payment systems have become a popular option for merchants seemingly overnight. The POS system easily allows business to accept all forms of payment without disrupting normal business. However, Clover is a lot more than what meets the eye. The system can streamline business operations and provide insights that most conventional systems are able to provide.

Much like the smartphone you carry in your pocket or purse, Clover has a lively application market (both proprietary and third-party) that ensures it will become a central piece of equipment for your business.

Employee Management

Managing employees is made easy with Clover. Through third-party apps that integrate perfectly with Clover, you can manage schedules and shifts for individual employees. The system creates a central hub of shift information that can be easily accessed and shared with employees. Employees’ clock-in and clock-out times can be stored in the system – information that’s accessible in real-time. Time off requests and shift changes can be easily managed, all within this expanded Clover functionality.

When paired with one of several Employee Management apps, Clover can provide a robust platform to administer payroll and benefits, as well as commission structures. Reports for each employee can be accessed at any time and can display a number of different metrics to make certain your business is reaching for its full potential.

Inventory Analytics

Clover easily syncs with your existing inventory management system to provide real-time tracking. Through a specially developed app, the system provides for new SKUs and variants to be created, and new inventory to be added with a barcode scanner. Alerts can be created when stock is low and needs to be replenished. Clover takes the headache out of inventory management, releasing you to focus on growing your business.

Going beyond a simple inventory system, Clover has the capability to provide in-depth analytics regarding products and overall performance. Apps within the system can provide you with vital data, ranging from item level profitability to the number of new and returning customers. Clover can go even further, sampling competitor data and comparing it to your business’s performance.

Reporting and Accounting

Every business owner knows the necessity of documenting every dollar collected. But particularly for retail businesses, tracking every penny is time-consuming and takes away time better spent actually managing your business.

If you’re using the QuickBooks accounting software, you already know how useful it is in helping you with financial organization, cash flow planning, tax calculations, invoicing and other essential functions. But as powerful as it is, QuickBooks still requires your raw financial data; and that usually means manually typing entries.

That’s where Clover comes in. Clover terminals run on Android software, so you have access to a robust market of third-party apps, including many QuickBooks integration options. Programs like Commerce Sync (available for a small monthly fee) automatically transfer detailed daily sales data into your QuickBooks account. Features include tracking multiple locations, sales by category, daily sales summaries, sales taxes, payment type, and customer purchase details.

Customer Engagement

The information Clover receives can help you to track and engage past customers. The system can easily import existing customer databases to the software system, and, when combined with the information gathered from Clover, can create mailing lists to keep past customers engaged and informed on what your business is doing.

Customer reviews can influence where potential buyers spend their money!

Apps on the Clover market aggregate what people are saying about your business in a single, easy to understand place. To stay ahead of the curve, Clover can provide a link to your business feedback page and allows you to see what recent customers thought of their experience.

Clover is incredibly powerful for virtually any type of organization; in particular, retail businesses and restaurants will find dozens of useful applications that simplify complex management tasks and give you instant access to essential data. The application market allows developers to identify a need and create something that will improve Clover and, in turn, your business. The large and ever-growing marketplace, when combined with the ability to accept all forms of payment, makes the Clover POS system a tool that can take your business to another level.

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