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The Clover App Platform: Limitless Tools to Better Manage Your Business

One of the major reasons why so many of our merchants choose Clover POS is its vast platform for hosting applications. When you purchase a Clover device, you will receive not only superior payments functionality, but also a whole new world of apps that go beyond basic point-of-sale. Clover devices integrate payment processing with tools to run your business more efficiently. In fact, many of the world’s top software developers build right on the Clover platform.

Some of the powerful tools hosted on this platform, which are included for free in every

system, include:

  • Promos: An app that allows merchants to collect customer contact information automatically and build up a mailing list; also works to engage and retain customers with coupons

  • Feedback: Provides a place to hear directly from your customers; find out what they love about your business, and keep potentially damaging reviews off of public websites like Yelp

  • Rewards: A simple, effective tool for creating and maintaining a customer loyalty program within minutes; tracked and monitored by Clover with little to no effort required on your part

  • Happy Hour: Allows merchants to manage discounts for specific categories of items (i.e. drinks, desserts) by time range and day of the week

  • Clover Dining: Provides holistic views of your restaurant’s floor, servers, customers, and oversight functions; featuring customizable floor plans, powerful bar tab and ticket transfer capability, and seamless communication from the front to the back of the house

  • Shifts: Handles shift management from A to Z, with clock-in/clock-out and cash tip reporting capabilities

  • Customers: An app for viewing customer information, transaction history, and marketing preferences; a great place to begin phone orders.

In addition to this included software, Clover comes with the capability to add virtually limitless, additional apps that energize your business. For example, you may want to upgrade your Clover system with popular POS apps like Yelp, Time Clock, and Payroll, or sync with essential services such as QuickBooks, Woo, and Shopify.

Additional software that you may choose to add to your Clover device includes:

  • Menufy: Enables you to create a free, branded ecommerce website for your restaurant, with DoorDash and Postmates integration available; completely free to download and use!

  • Phone Orders: Manages phone order pick-up time and delivery person; allows you to view all active phone orders as well as history, integrate caller ID, and search customers by number; starting at $9.99/month

  • Order Kiosk: Customers can now order on their own with this intuitive and user- friendly software; orders can even be paid for on their own and sent back to the kitchen automatically; featuring unlimited devices at a basic rate of $9.99/month

  • DispenseMe: Automatically dispenses the correct amount of change in coins whenever customers pay with cash; quickly and easily does the math for you so you can speed up your customers’ POS experience; free to download and use!

The apps we’ve introduced today represent just a fraction of all that is at your fingertips with the purchase of a Clover device. If you’re ready for a serious upgrade to both your POS solution and your business management toolkit, contact us at Tandem today to get started – 855-672-1570!