Restaurants  Restaurants, taverns, other food & beverage establishments have unique needs for payments, often integrating with countertop point-of-sale or mobile, wireless devices that travel with servers. In an industry with ever-slim margins, it’s important to integrate point-of-sale solutions with business management software true to the needs of the restaurant business. At Tandem Innovative Payment Solutions, we can help, with payment solutions aligned to exactly how your restaurant or bar operates. Grow profitably with the right technology coupled with outstanding service, all from the team at Tandem. 


Quick-Service Restaurants – Whether you’re a local meat-and-three taking orders at the counter, or you’re a growing fast food chain, Tandem Innovative Payment Solutions has the right technology to support your needs. See your business continue to grow with the help of integrated point of sale terminals like Clover and other hardware designed to bring together payment processing and daily reporting of your sale transactions.