The S920, the latest mobile offering from PAX, offers a sleek design, signature capture, and can connect via WiFi or wirelessly through Aeris. It has an integrated thermal printer and a battery life that is longer than conventional wireless terminals.

  • EMV

  • Internal Debit Encryption

  • Tips

  • Signature Capture

  • Level II Corporate Card Processing

The PAX A920, an elegantly designed and compact payment tablet terminal, comes with a large high definition tablet color display and a thermal printer that is neatly hidden, so as to maximize screen usage for customer-facing transactions. A wide range of advanced connectivity options are supported, as well as built-in NFC contactless, electronic signature capture and huge memory to enable exceptionally fast processing of applications.

  • PayDroid based on Android 5.1

  • Built-in high speed thermal printer

  • 4G, 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity

  • Built-in NFC contactless

  • Large 5-inch capacitive color touch screen

  • Supports electronic signature capture

The FD 410 terminal from First Data is a wireless, handheld point-of-sale device that merchants can easily use remotely to provide customers with the convenience of a full range of payment options. 


  • Compact design with sleek titanium look Multi-application platform for all payment and value-added services

  • PCI 3.1 approved

  • Hardware/software support for 3G technologies, which provide more connection options

Counter Technologies

Do more in less space with the newest terminals from Tandem Innovative Payment Solutions powered by Celero. Our products are registered class A-certified. Although we can support just about every type of equipment in the marketplace today, we focus on selling those that we find the most reliable and compliant with industry standards for processing and security.

The PAX A80, a sleek, Android-based countertop terminal, is the ideal compact countertop solution that connects via Dial, IP High Speed, or WiFi. The A80 runs contactless payments, as well as PIN Debit and EMV payments.

  • EMV

  • Contactless/NFC

  • Internal Debit Encryption

  • Tips

  • Signature Capture

Swipe, dip, or tap. The FD 130 terminal combines performance, reliability, and ease of use in a compact, yet feature-rich card machine. Accept payments however your customers want to pay. 


  • Reduce costs

  • Better customer service

  • Contactless payments

  • Chip card payments

Innovative and durable, the PAX S80 comes with built-in contactless and powerful ARM11 processor, making it one of the most reliable countertop terminals in the world. Its intuitive, ATM-style interface and ergonomic keypad make the PAX S80 easy to operate for the merchant and the customer alike.

  • Internal debit encryption

  • Tips

  • Level II corporate card processing

  • MOTO & AVS

  • Dual Comm. (Ethernet/land-line)

  • Contactless

PIN Pad Technologies

Tandem deploys PIN pad solutions from leading manufacturers like Ingenico, Verifone, PAX, and Castles.  PIN pad offerings enable payments via a range of technologies, including magnetic stripe, EMV, NFC/contactless, PIN debit, and even Signature Capture. Get unsurpassed security and reliability with PIN pad solutions from UMS. 

This comprehensive device accepts PIN and signature debit cards, all major credit cards, gift and EBT cards, and STAR® Network transactions.* Customers can insert their chip card into the EMV card reader, tap their contactless card, or swipe a traditional card through the magnetic card reader – all without relinquishing control of their card.


  • Accepts PIN-secured and signature debit cards, all major credit cards, STAR® Network transactions, gift and EBT cards 

  • Accepts chip-and-PIN-enabled cards, magnetic stripe cards, contactless cards, mobile phone payments, and key fobs 

  • PCI-PED approved device Easy USB connectivity to First Data-certified terminals 

Clover’s FD 40 PIN pad  plugs into Clover Station countertop models, so that merchants can accept PIN-based debit transactions, contactless payment transactions such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, MasterCard PayPass, Visa payWave, and EMV (including support for both chip-and-PIN as well as chip-and-signature).


Our point-of-sale offerings reflect the diversity of needs for business ranging from retail shops to restaurants, home repair, and business services. POS solutions from Tandem Payment enable easy integration with countertop, mobile, and tablet devices, as well as devices that pull together payments, sales reporting, and even marketing automation. The future is anything but ordinary for everyday merchants, where POS equipment that transcends the sale transaction.

Ingenuity, quality, and solid performance are hallmarks of the PAX E500 countertop payment terminal.  With its sleek design, this Android-based POS system offers an integrated receipt printer and a greaseproof screen. The customer facing screen allows customers to view their shopping cart, enter their pin, and sign for the transaction.

  • EMV

  • Internal Debit Encryption

  • Signature Capture

  • Tips

  • Inventory Management

  • Customer Database


At Tandem Innovative Payment Solutions, we offer a suite of internal and external gateway solutions to meet your payments needs. Gateways may be standalone for your use or tie into your website for customers and supporters to make direct electronic payments for products, services, and donations. Working with industry leaders like TSYS and allows us to scale a solution to meet virtually every business need with a just-right, cost-effective solution that’s frictionless and safe.

One Platform, Four Products

  • Virtual Terminal

  • Internet & Shopping Cart Integrator

  • Check Processor

  • Payment Manager


Accept Online Payments via Credit Card & E-Check

  • Secure and Reliable

  • Velocity Filter to help thwart authorization fraud

  • Online searchable Knowledge Base

  • Over one billion transactions processed


Accept credit card and electronic check from your e-commerce website. With, merchants can manage their payment gateway accounts by submitting, monitoring, and reviewing their transactions. Users may also configure their account transaction settings; view billing statements and reports, and much more. Customers can be confident that their data is secure with



Network Merchants, Inc. (NMI) is a very flexible gateway. The company’s Omni-channel payments enablement platform helps merchants accept payments in any environment, whether it’s e-commerce, retail, MOTO, mobile, or an integrated solution.

Services like recurring billing, customer database storage, virtual terminal, and more are similar to those with other gateways. The NMI difference is in their ability to be able to set up multiple processing environments under one MID.


Tandem is a proud partner of Paytrace, an innovative gateway solutions provider. With Paytrace, our merchants enjoy an industry-leading mobile app, interchange savings through Level II-III processing, and intuitive interfaces that drive robust payment and reporting capabilities. Like Tandem, Paytrace provides elite customer support, eliminating downtimes and headaches for our merchants who desire easy-to-use, cost-effective gateways for their payment processing needs. 


The maker of the industry’s most integrated payment terminals also offers a leading virtual solution, geared to online businesses. Clover’s gateway comes readily integrated with most leading shopping cart software. Clover’s gateway lets customers pay as they please, whether it’s a debit or credit card, PayPal, or electronic check, all in their native currencies. With the highest levels of security, Clover’s gateway keeps your business and your customers safe. Increase your customer reach with Clover and Tandem Payment.



Gift Cards

Customized gift cards from Paya are hidden money-makers that generate far more income than at first glance, so start making money today with our customized gift card program. Gift cards usually generate brand awareness and promotional opportunities, boost prepaid gift sales, and eliminates cash-back returns. Find out what Paya gift cards can do for your business, from your partners at Tandem Payment.


Payroll Cards

First Data payroll cards, available from Tandem, are prepaid cards that eliminates paper checks and the need to convert checks into cash. The payroll card is funded as a direct deposit transaction through your existing payroll system. No bank account or credit check is required, and all of your employees are eligible. 


Near Field Communications (NFC)

NFC is a short-range wireless technology. When you bring two devices to within four centimeters of each other, NFC enables them to connect and transmit information to each other. NFC technology is the frontier of the payments space, and Tandem Payment is proud to support NFC technologies like Apple Pay.


Taking the payments community by storm, Apple Pay is a convenient, integrated way for iPhone users to pay by simply using their iPhones at compatible terminals. Users register with Apple and load their preferred credit cards. Then they can walk into any merchant location that is Apple Pay-ready and pay for their purchase with a touch of their phone. And it’s easy – there’s no need to wake up the display or even look at the screen. A subtle vibration and beep alerts the user that the payment was accepted.