Why Partner with Tandem?

Simple to understand compensation plan – At Tandem we are not going to promote wild gimmick bonus plans or crazy equipment giveaways. Our comp plan is very simple. You share in the residual of every client as long as you remain employed with Tandem and the merchant continues to process with us. We believe in long term relationships and want to help you make this a career not a four month nightmare.

Training – We take training very seriously. Our reputation is our number one seller. We are not going to show you a 2 hour video and say go sell. Our face to face training program is consistently evolving with all the changes taking place in our industry. We realize if you’re not successful, Tandem will not be successful.

Support – Our support team will help with all maintenance, statement and new equipment requests. We do expect our agents to set up terminals and handle simple maintenance requests in person. Call us old school but we believe the Agent’s responsibility includes sales and service. This is the key piece to our retention and merchant relationships.