Mobile payments can be a great asset to your small business by increasing profits, decreasing costs and reaching a greater audience.

Today’s marketplace has changed – people have the ability to do most of their daily tasks straight from their mobile phones. Your business has to tailor itself to new modes of accessibility.

Tandem Mobile not only allows your customers to use their smartphones or tablets to make payments, but it allows you to use your own mobile devices as point-of-sale locations. Tandem can add mobile processing to your existing account or assist you in setting up a new account. Either way, our goal is to make it easy for your business to be accessible to your customers.

Tandem Mobile provides encrypted card readers. These devices are responsive and secure so that you don’t have to worry about glitches, freezes or hackers when using our mobile payment plans. Using the SwipeSimple mobile app, Tandem will make mobile transactions quick and easy, saving you time and increasing your business.

Through SwipeSimple, Tandem Mobile provides you an in-depth analysis of your transactions. You can make accounts for individual employees to measure sales performance, as well as develop broader reports that will help you understand your business on a deeper level.

Let Tandem Mobile expand your business to the whole world with mobile payments.