Tandem offers solutions for all your payment processing needs.

Options for Taking Payments

Are you looking for a game-changing electronic payments platform to take your business to next-level success? From contactless terminals to gateways that integrate with your business management software, we have it all for you.

Featured Technologies

Some of the latest payment technologies, like Clover POS, transform your card processing terminal into an all-in-one business management solution.


Mobile Payments

Many of your customers have the ability to do most of their daily tasks straight from their mobile phones. Tandem Mobile not only allows your customers to use their smartphones or tablets to make payments, but it allows you to use your own mobile devices as point-of-sale locations.


If you’re looking for an affordable ecommerce merchant account coupled with an easy-to-use payment gateway, then look no further than Tandem’s I-Terminal. There’s simply no easier way to sell products and services online.


B2B Processing

The team at Tandem stands ready to help you take advantage of better Level II and Level III B2B processing rates, based on your business and its customer payment needs. 

Cash Discount

By implementing a cash discount program,  you can offset credit card processing costs by applying a small customer service charge to all transactions and presenting customers with the option to pay with cash for a small discount.

Other Merchant Resources

Tandem provides a complete line of additional products and services, all developed and supported exclusively for Tandem merchants. From credit and debit cards to checks, e-commerce, gift cards, ATMs, and much more, it’s all right here at Tandem Innovative Payment Solutions.

Select your industry

From retail and e-commerce to non-profits and churches, we have the right processing tools to help you increase revenue while managing risk associated with taking payments for your products, services, or donations. While we effectively serve all types of businesses, take a look at some of the industry sectors that call Tandem Innovative Payment Solutions their home for payments, management tools, and more.

Get your finances and field services software in sync.
Field Management Solutions

RazorSync is a powerful yet easy-to-use software and mobile app that streamlines field service management.

This award-winning software allows you to manage customers and field workers, schedule and dispatch workers, invoice, take payments, and much more — all from a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.